Namaste AF Clothing Co


NAMASTE AF was founded by Yogi Bryan in 2016.  He came up with the idea of NAMASTE AF while walking on a treadmill during a workout.  The week prior he saw a friend doing a yoga challenge on Instagram.  His friend posted pictures of her doing yoga poses in the most random of places.  She did a yoga pose on her kitchen counter and Bryan thought this was ridiculous.  On that day he was inspired to make fun of yoga forever.  

Bryan created an Instagram account @namaste_af on Jan 2016 with his sole purpose TO MAKE FUN OF YOGA.  Before this, Bryan dabbled with the practice.  His first introduction to yoga was a Rodney Yee AM Yoga DVD.  Bryan liked this because it was only 20 minutes and most of the poses were lying down.  He practiced AM Yoga for 2 months regularly and noticed a big improvement with his flexibility and anxiety....but after 2 months he stopped practicing.  Bryan later tried Kundalini Yoga and loved it but it wasn't much of a regular practice.  To make a long story short, Bryan had no clue what he was doing when he started an Instagram yoga page to make fun of yoga.

The first post of @namaste_af was chair pose on a bunk bed.  The second post was Warrior B at an airport.  Bryan's Instagram became popular within the first two weeks.  Fast forward months later, Bryan was asked to host a yoga challenge on Instagram.  Bryan had no clue what to do so he reached out to a Yoga Instructor he became friends with on the platform.  The challenge was a success so Bryan figured he should actually learn yoga if he had a yoga Instagram.  

The next week Bryan joined a yoga studio.  He fell in love with the practice.  Two weeks later he enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training and the rest is history.  

Bryan wanted to share the gift of laughter to the yoga community.  He saw the yoga community sometimes took this practice way too seriously.  "It's just effin yoga" he thought.  People need to relax and have fun.  Life is too short to be so intense.  He wanted to create a space for the community where they could laugh.  He believes "LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE." So he decided to create a clothing company but never thought it would be where it is today.

NAMASTE AF Clothing Co has shipped to Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, and many more countries.  Bryan's wife Sam aka Magoo designs all the clothing and makes them herself.  They are a great team.  Bryan met her in a Quantum Jump Meditation prior to even meeting her in real life.  (it's a trippy story we will save for another time)

Yogi Bryan continues to be super grateful for this accidental yoga journey and clothing brand.  His life has transformed so much since 2016.  He looks back and doesn't even recognize the person he used to be.

Bryan's mission in life is to inspire people to practice yoga so they can develop a healthy body and peaceful mind.  He does this by sharing the gift of yoga on his social media platforms and currently teaches at a studio in Tempe, Arizona.  To say the least, he's obsessed with yoga but he still has to remind himself daily that IT'S JUST EFFIN YOGA and HAVE FUN.  

If you are wondering if you should start a yoga practice.  START.  You won't regret it and we guarantee it will change your life.  

We thank you for visiting the website and wish you an amazing day.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.